Terms and Conditions


JANEX INT s.r.o.
Sokolská 62/686, P.O. BOX 28
96001 Zvolen
Slovak republic

Tel / Fax: +421 455 361 692
mobile: +421 915 615 805
e-mail: janex@janexman.com

Registration number: 45953040
VAT number: SK202316752
Business Listing register: Regional Court in Banska Bystrica

Registration number: section Sro, insert 28199/S

Bank connection:

Tatra banka, a.s.
IBAN SK03 1100 0000 0029 4800 7863


The buyer

The buyer is a natural or legal person who has entered into a business relationship with the seller as a customer (customer) of products from the seller through an online store, which is part of the online sale of JANEX INT s.r.o.

By confirming a binding order, the buyer confirms that he accepts the Business Conditions for the delivery of goods declared by the seller. The relationship between the buyer and the seller is governed by these terms and conditions, which are also binding on both parties.


It is possible to shop through our online store in the following way:
· Choose goods.
· Click on the selected product with the mouse.
· To buy the selected goods, click on the "Add to cart" icon.
· The goods are added to the shopping cart.
· You can then decide whether you want to close the purchase or continue with the order.
· After the binding confirmation of the order, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of the order with a summary of the ordered goods to the e-mail address you provided.
· Minimum order is 30 €
· Important: If you do not receive an automatically generated confirmation email after sending the order, an error has occurred and the order is not registered.

In this case, please contact us at: janex@janexman.com

The report must state:
· Name of goods,
· Ordered quantity,
· contact information,
· Delivery address.

Order cancellation

The order can be canceled by e-mail at: janex@janexman.com or by phone at:
+421 915 615 805 within 12 hours of ordering without giving a reason.

Terms of Delivery

Delivery time of goods is 7 days from issuing the order. The goods are shipped (ie delivered to the carrier) no later than 2 working days from the order to the address specified by the buyer.

Prices and payments

· Prices are in €.
· The listed prices for the goods are with 20% VAT.
· The goods are sent as a cash on delivery package, payment for the goods is via Slovenská pošta or by transfer to an account in advance.
· For orders from 30 €, the postage and packing is according to the carrier's tariff, for orders over 90 €, the postage and packing is the seller's expense and will not be included in the total amount when sending the goods.

. When ordering when the value of the ordered goods does not reach at least 30 €, the ordered goods are sent only after payment in advance to the seller's account. The stated postage applies to the delivery of goods within the Slovak Republic. For orders from other EU countries, postage is determined individually depending on the country and weight of the shipment. We will provide more detailed information on request at the e-mail address: janex@janexman.com
· Each shipment is accompanied by an invoice tax document, which also serves as a delivery and warranty card.

Warranty and complaints

· Any complaints are resolved by phone at +421 915 615 805 or by e-mail at janex@janexman.com·
The buyer undertakes to inspect the goods after receipt in order to detect any errors and damage.
· Any errors must be reported immediately, but no later than 24 hours by telephone or e-mail. If mechanical damage to the goods is found, the consignment must be brought to the post office within 24 hours, where the minutes and the complaint will be written. We are not liable for errors caused by the carrier.

Warning: Do not accept visibly damaged goods!


Complaints and its equipment

Inform us about the complaint by e-mail to janex@janexman.com or by phone at +421 915 615 805.

If you find mechanical damage to the goods (if the goods are broken, overflowed, or similarly devalued), report the shipment to the post office within 24 hours at the latest.

Send the goods as a recommended package (not cash on delivery) to our address.

Indicate the reason for the complaint and your address in the shipment.

Attach a copy of the document (invoice) about the acquisition of the claimed goods in our store to the shipment.

After receiving the claimed goods, we will immediately contact you by e-mail or telephone to resolve the issue.
Complaints will be settled as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days from receipt of the claimed goods.
The complaint period begins on the day when the seller took over the consignment with the complaint and ends on the day when the seller sent the consignment with the claimed goods (determined by the stamp of the delivery post).
The seller does not refund postage and packaging, as well as fees for the delivery of the claimed goods.
For possible loss of the shipment of the claimed goods towards the customer